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Not much is known about SkyClan's personality but they are forgotten, determined, and sometimes shy but not afraid for a fight. No . Mapleshade walked off, not knowing if she would be dead but knowing for sure that she would at least be blind. fantastic kits and where to find them. The she-cats fight, but an adder appears and bites Frecklewish. frecklewish, design by sagutoyas. Download texture pack now!oh my god i love her. Warrior Birchface is mentioned during a gathering by one of the RiverClan warriors named Rainfall. D&D BeyondAug 10, 2019 · “Someone over tumblr asked me to draw squirrelflight next to frecklewish, added bramblestar for normal tall cat height reference. They can jump far and high and excel at climbing. Birchface is a dark brown, almost-black tabby tom with amber eyes. now, not in the usual sense such as a mate, but rather in someone they could bond with and always have by their side. 5 days ago. In Mapleshade's Vengeance, Frecklewish was one of the three cats Mapleshade had to kill to avenge her kits. They’re both, on the surface, very cheerful characters, who tend to cover up negative emotions for the sake of other’s and areHello Vicky ! I hope you Easter was lovely :3 I have a few questions about Maplesahde s Vengenace ; ive been eager to ask these but I made myself wait to give people a little bit of time to read itFandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. i hope this dudes okay wherever he, i legit was sad when he got taken awayAug 13, 2018 · #95 Frecklewish #96 Stonefur #97 Rosetail #98 Blossomfall #99 Mistystar #100 Hawkfrost User Profile. Prev /Next. All that's changed is cats but you can group it with any other resource pack needed. Accepting Commissions. at birth, she-cats are told to find a partner. Rainfall hisses to remember what happened towhat r u. When Mapleshade runs into Rainfall she remembers the battle at Sunningrocks. frecklewish, design by sagutoyas. frecklewish, design by sagutoyas 1 year ago with 381 notes # Warriors # Warrior Cats # cats warriors # frecklewish # mapleshade's vengeance # mapleshade # Thunderclan # my art # art # talking cats. Frecklewish stiffens, and rasps she thought the kits would be saved, she never meant for them to die. Mapleshade calls her a liar, and claims she bets she’s glad they’re dead. I loved it …I’ve been drawing parallels between the two characters for a long time. Also, they attack with aboveground combat such as dropping on somecat's head from a Sep 25, 2019 · Username: clarke, Cat Name: frecklewish Gender: dfab Rank: jumper Clan: jungleclan! Age: 19 moons Prompt: though it is no secret to those in jungleclan, it may seem so odd to those that are not accustomed to jungleclan ways. protect her at all costs. Yes . Danganronpawolf21. i hope this dudes okay wherever he, i legit was sad when he got taken awayThis pack uses MCPatcher Optifine to change the texture of tamed ocelots so that any one spawned is a random Warriors character. Home Ask. bitch she tall”SkyClan cats live is a rocky gorge and they love to climb. in …. Age. Character Species. 31 . She begs for help, but Mapleshade growls like …36 Frecklewish. Accepting Trades. Mapleshade lured Frecklewish in an adder's house, and Frecklewish stepped on an adder and it bit her eyes. They prey mostly on birds as they can catch them with their jumping skills. warrior cat . THEME

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